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Diane Flores owner of Venus Fitness Studio

Diane Flores


My mission has always remained the same: to create a welcoming space (both in person and online) where women who feel out of place or without a community can find their home. We are the Cheers of fitness.

Through my business journey, I’ve amassed a multitude of certifications in fitness, personal training, group fitness, nutrition, yoga, mobility, functional training, bodybuilding, CrossFit, and beyond!

As a former unhealthy, overweight, depressed mom turned IFBB Bodybuilding Pro, my mission is to show that if I can do it, so can you! I’ve made all the mistakes in health and fitness so that you don’t have to. With 16 bodybuilding shows under my belt, I’m a “professional dieter and exerciser,” and I know what works for women with all kinds of goals.

Since 2007, I’ve coached thousands of women in person and, since 2014, online. I’ve developed programs for in-person clients, athletes, everyday women, and even those approaching 70 years old. While my team continues to serve our local community, I’m working with women worldwide, bringing sustainable and empowering fitness programs and diet strategies that aren’t overly restrictive or time-consuming.

Fitness has been instrumental in my mental health, and it’s my mission to share its transformative effects with women everywhere. Join me and discover the power of fitness!





Coach Amanda didn’t dive into fitness until she was 27!  Tipping the scales at almost 300 pounds while balancing a hectic work week and wild weekends, she decided it was time to make a serious change for herself. Her transformation journey has made her passionate about showing women they can conquer anything in life and fitness.  Amanda sees Venus as an environment where women grow, change, and get stronger TOGETHER. She loves being part of a badass, supportive sisterhood that lifts each other up and crushes every goal.




Before starting her fitness journey, Coach Alysha (also known as Eash the Beast) faced her own struggles with weight and nutrition, relying on processed foods and working out without purpose. In 2019, she realized she needed to make a BIG change and committed to a Bodybuilding Competition, transforming both her body and mindset through dedication and perseverance. After becoming a personal trainer in 2020, she’s now on a mission to help women crush their health goals.  Weight training is her jam and her passion lies in guiding and supporting women on their journey to self-confidence, helping women to feel the difference when they take control of their health. She is inspired daily by the dedication and progress of the women she trains, and she loves being part of the Venus community and fostering positivity, support, and growth.




Before her fitness journey, Coach Monica battled confidence issues, insecurities, and depression. She knows firsthand what it’s like to feel stuck and unhealthy. But she turned it all around, ditching the meds and embracing a life of fitness and self-love. For the past 13 years, Coach Monica has been on a mission to help women who feel the same way. She’s all about using strength training to boost confidence, mobility, and mental health. Coach Monica understands that every body is different, so she tailors workouts to fit each individual, focusing on that crucial mind-to-muscle connection. Coach Monica thrives in the supportive, empowering community of incredible women. Her motto, “Training with a purpose,” says it all. She’s ready to help you discover your inner strength and transform your life.




Coach Erica used to be all about marathons and salads, keeping it low-cal unless she was splurging using the excuse, “I run, so I can!” Now, she’s passionate about helping women understand the power of fueling their bodies properly and prioritizing strength over simply being skinny.  She focuses on teaching women to love their bodies and celebrate small victories every day, leading to lasting results. Coach Erica loves helping women on their journey at Venus where she teaches them that confidence and strength should take center stage.




Before discovering Venus, Coach Lauren was more into video games than workouts. Once a high school athlete, she lost her fitness mojo post-graduation. Tired of her routine, she found Venus and reignited her passion for fitness. Lauren is all about staying active for overall well-being. She knows firsthand the mental and physical benefits of treating your body with love and respect. After being introduce to weight lifting at Venus, she went on a new journey she never imagined.  At Venus, Lauren ensures your form is on point with a hands-on approach. The supportive community of staff and clients knows the hard work it takes to achieve your healthiest self. Coach Lauren found her fitness family at Venus, and she knows you will too!




Before becoming a fitness trainer, Coach Jenn was a third-grade teacher and supermom to five kids, always putting their needs first. But she discovered that self-care is key to caring for others. For five years, she was all about intense group HIIT classes, pushing her limits. Everything changed when she found Venus Fitness Studio, where she learned to train smarter, not just harder.  Coach Jenn is passionate about helping women embrace a sustainable, healthy lifestyle through small, consistent changes. She provides expert, personalized guidance in a supportive and inclusive environment. Training at Venus means joining a fierce, empowering sisterhood.

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